Transformational Analytics in Pharmaceuticals

SparkBeyond Discovery

Global pharmaceutical leaders are using AI analytics to transform how medicine gets made, how to market it to the right consumer, and ultimately, how to improve and save lives.

Unlock R&D productivity

Streamline clinical trials – from design and recruitment, to monitoring and results, predict drug interactions, and target participants at scale with better data clustering.

Expand the drug discovery universe

Identify and aggregate thousands of structured/unstructured databases to speed up process, and expand range to often-excluded populations.

Reach patients & physicians with precision and accuracy

Granular insights and prescriber microsegments help increase uptake, reduce churn, and encourage technician, clinician, insurer buy-in with explainable results.

Give your sales reps better data

Increase sales rep performance – cross-sell and upsell – with instant access to physician data and patient outcomes, and chart full customer journey to design best marketing strategies.

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For colon cancer, early detection is the magic cure

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In the quest for novel medical treatments, AI-driven hypothesis generation, supported by clinical testing, is a dream come true for institutes worldwide. In the case of colon cancer, the answer wasn’t a better treatment, but an earlier one.

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