Transformational Analytics for Retail

SparkBeyond Discovery

AI analytics empowers retailers with global solutions that are personalized and locally relevant, while providing data-driven keys to unlock product innovation.

Meet your customers where they are

Granular customer segments ensure accurate, personalized communication, pricing and promotions, while driving hyper-local assortment of products and services.

Thrive with omnichannel fulfilment

Forecast channel volumes, trigger alerts, and prioritize KPI-based actions with automated predictive inventory-optimization and forecasting tools.

Use data to get your pricing right

Determine the best price using granular item data, customer segments, traffic flow, seasonality, and insights on competitor and social media trends.

Make the most of bricks and mortar

Transform your store portfolio by pinpointing specific geographical areas with high potential for profitability and campaign effectiveness.

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Automated Hypothesis Generation

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When machine-learning systems produce ideas, not just test them.

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