Transformational Analytics in Telecom

Discovery for Telecom

Telecom leaders are redefining how the world connects, using hyper-personalized marketing, targeted infrastructure investment, and enhanced customer support across their growing network.

Earn customer trust with personalization

Target high-risk customers by discovering thousands of unique drivers of churn per consumer attribute, and microsegment your entire customer base.

Optimize the omnichannel, omnipresent network

Find root causes of network latency across multiple sites, devices, operators, and locations. Avoid customer impact with accurate planning for capacity, routing and speed.

Superior service that exceeds expectations

Stay relevant with customers by providing a seamless, hyper-relevant, zero-friction experience: reduce call dropouts, instantly notify service interruptions, and identify changes in service quality.

Boost Lifetime Value with customized offerings

Mine internal data to generate thousands of novel insights that drive personalized incentives, product bundles, and smart ad placements, all via the user’s preferred channel.

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Automated Hypothesis Generation

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When machine-learning systems produce ideas, not just test them.

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