Web Knowledge Mining for Life Sciences

Research Studio

Navigating the growing knowledge landscape and stack of science literature is vital for innovation and R&D success – but near impossible to efficiently leverage with human power alone.

Systematic discovery of novel connections

Mine clinician-level evidence to repurpose and reposition assets, by auto-analyzing functional similarities and alternatives to existing assets, based on useful qualities of the asset’s properties.

Expedited innovation

Discover innovation-driven revenue streams from new, viable commercial applications for current products and services. Surface high-momentum concepts and pathways in a matter of hours, instead of months.

Fuel growth with AI-assisted acquisitions

Mine millions of open sources of knowledge to identify, screen, and enrich potential acquisition target data. Evaluate targets by reviewing relevant criteria and conduct initial risk assessment.

Comprehensive competitor analysis

Build a holistic competitive landscape that identifies top innovators, alternatives and producers; shows each competitor’s focus; and reveals investment trends.

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