AI for Climate Action

SparkBeyond harnesses and distills all human knowledge to help scale solutions for sustainability. By finding links across multiple forms of data and connecting different domains, we're helping companies, governments and organizations of all sizes effectively translate climate ideas into climate impact.

Unlock energy efficiency by identifying hidden drivers

Integrating diverse datasets highlights where processes can be tightened up, errors eliminated and external spending reduced, while generating your carbon credit.

Discover sustainable alternatives with Green Sourcing

Unearth new opportunities and innovation-driven revenue streams from alternative ingredients, without significant second- and third-order impacts that offset the benefit.

Discover repurposing opportunities to offset carbon footprint

Explore untapped commercial opportunities to repurpose products and services, supported by evidence of documented usage, deficiencies, and commercial feasibility.

Let data-driven insights guide compliance and regulation

As climate disasters have a direct impact on corporate balance sheets, regulatory capital ratios, and investment returns, organizations now can measure the physical climate risk embedded in their portfolios.


Looking for bold ideas for a better future?

Join a community of the world’s top businesses who use SparkBeyond’s technologies to take action on their carbon footprint.