Web Knowledge Mining for Management Consulting

Research Studio

Complementing consultants’ expert-led brainstorming, Research Studio identifies early-stage trends in everything from patent data to investment flows to online and social media, then searches for concrete investment opportunities.

Expedite discovery and innovation

Exploit whitespace potential via novel applications for core assets, and discover new markets and overturn declining volumes or niche stagnation.

Expand the scope for M&A

Go beyond the usual suspects and unearth new opportunities from undiscovered players and new markets: smaller companies, unexplored regions, emerging tech fields and trending sectors.

Scan the competitor space

Build a holistic competitive landscape that identifies top innovators, alternatives and producers; show each competitor’s focus; and reveal investment trends.

Develop future-ready business models

Identify early signals of momentum, market news and emerging trend analysis with machine-augmented discovery of uncharted causal chains and unlikely correlations.

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