Transformational Analytics for Manufacturing

SparkBeyond Discovery

Mitigate the root causes of asset failure

Analyze thousands of multi-layered patterns found in breakdowns and process-led production losses to identify high-risk components and recommend prescriptive action.

Respond quickly to changes in market demand

Provide consumer-focused manufacturing by identifying subtle and granular demand patterns at SKU and POS levels.

Create a comprehensive, real-time digital twin of global supply-chain operations

Rapidly analyze data from a variety of sources, including internal enterprise applications, sensor networks, operational systems, and exogenous third-party data to power actionable insights.

Optimize inventory levels of individual parts at scale

Compute part-level demand forecasts based on production orders and assemblies, traversing multi-level, time-varying BOM files.

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Accelerating data-driven digital transformation

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New world, new models….Data and AI have the opportunity to drive more impact than ever

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