Web Knowledge Mining for Innovation

Research Studio

Who says innovation is only for start-ups? To catalyze breakthrough growth, leaders are using Research Studio to support their bold aspirations, make tough choices, and help mobilize resources at scale.

Discover organic and inorganic growth opportunities

Use high-throughput, evergreen, AI-assisted research to discover new markets and applications for existing products, or expand along the value chain.

Cut lead time and cost of research

Condense weeks of research into actionable insights within hours, and streamline innovation with little-to-none R&D investment.

Generate strategic breakthroughs at scale

Connect previously unconnected dots – identify indirect drivers, effects, and related issues – to discover whitespace opportunities at unprecedented depth and pace.

Open the whitespace with automated trend detection

Explore and analyze over 1.5 billion trends, reviewing their development over time, and identify each trend's top IP creators.

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Banking the unbanked

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Tens of millions of people are excluded from 150 years of financial innovation. A more granular understanding of risk allows banks to serve those who have never been served before, to the benefit of all.

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