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Unlock efficient growth while deepening customer relationships. Offer the right product and service through effective delivery channels.
Become the insurer of tomorrow: reshape your customers’ experience with transparent and compliant technology that impacts your top and bottom lines.
Meet the world’s unmet medical needs with data-driven clinical innovation. AI unlocks R&D productivity and ultimately saves lives.
Master a complete personalized customer interaction
with a 360-degree view, while harnessing AI for strategy and operations.
Use data-driven keys to unlock commercial and product innovation. Actionable cross-retailer insights at your fingertips power the CPG value chain.
Harness creative solutions with AI that adapt to new demand profiles, overcome price volatility, and address continued pressure on costs.
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Don't predict the future: shape it

Discover the root cause
New root causes of your business’s top pain points
emerge daily. With 24/7 root-cause analysis, you can draw
powerful insights buried in complex data.
Complete the picture
Your data only tells part of the story. We augment
your data with our rich network of data sources to
expand the scope of insights. Automatically.
Adapt to changing dynamics
Built for the ever-changing world, our platform’s
ongoing driver discovery adjusts to the dynamic
nature of your business.
Go beyond data
Bridge the gap in data-scarce environments by infusing
web-scale knowledge, collected from billions of web
pages that span scientific articles, patents and trends.
"SparkBeyond is emerging as a strategic AI & Machine Learning partner. Together we are bringing our joint value proposition to solve customer business problems across industries."
Gavriella Schuster
Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft
"Our partnership with SparkBeyond has been important in shaping how PepsiCo Europe thinks about Advanced Analytics - helping us to quickly demonstrate value add and deliver proof points to build businesses' confidence in scaling this capability."
Paul Kelly
VP Advanced Analytics, PepsiCo Europe
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"The technology and the people at SparkBeyond are fundamentally changing how we think about and leverage data at Swisscard. Many thanks for the great partnership."
Florence Schnydrig
CEO Swisscard
"Together with SparkBeyond, we are combining the power of AI technology with our deep industry knowledge to explore new opportunities."
Christoffer Malmer
Head of SEBx
"SparkBeyond allowed us to explore a much broader scope of medical domains in a shorter amount of time and to reach meaningful outcomes, meaningful insights that were turned into meaningful intervention."
Ran Balicer
Director of Clalit Research Institute
"SparkBeyond helped us improve the efficiency of our budgeting process by creating disruptive new models. Being able to forecast revenue accurately months in advance does not only add great strategic value but also improves the overall supply chain."
Tomasz Blicharski
CFO Zabka
"SparkBeyond helped infuse Dagens Nyheter with artificial intelligence (AI) and methodologies that identified patterns — to a level whereby we can identify within 86% accuracy who will likely churn."
Peter Wolodarski
Editor-in-Chief, Dagens Nyheter
"Our success stories with SparkBeyond ranged from optimizing oil well design and drilling decisions, to optimizing rock data and oil well planning (spacing, depletions, etc.)."
Luther Birdzell
CEO OAG Analytics

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