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The mining and energy industries are at a tipping point, where sustainability and decarbonization are top items on CEOs’ agendas. Here’s how the Research Studio helps identify circular decarbonizing opportunities and profitable portfolio shifts, without the R&D costs or lead times.

Develop low-carbon products with broad appeal.

Explore untapped commercial opportunities to repurpose products and services, supported by evidence of documented usage, deficiencies, and commercial feasibility.

Increase capacity factors for renewable assets.

Unearth new opportunities and innovation-driven revenue streams from existing and overlooked upstream assets, including log imputation, production attainment and geosteering.

Adapt quickly to emerging conditions.

Surfacing early signals and momentum helps capital allocation with the ability to move relatively quickly in or out of niche materials.

Develop alpha strategies for energy trading.

Improve the commodity trading delta by quickly identifying risk signals and price movements for multiple time horizons.

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