Web Knowledge Mining for Business Development

Research Studio

In a crowded BizDev marketplace, speed and depth are key to gaining a competitive edge. Research Studio identifies, screens, and enriches potential target data, assessing fit, value potential, and deal rationale, and generating a prioritized growth roadmap – fast and effortlessly.

Source novel candidates

Boil the ocean to discover targets that don't appear in databases, use trend analysis to rank emerging companies, and analyze their IP.

Perform smarter, deeper diligence

Conduct a highly contextual SWOT analysis with unrivaled specificity, drawing on 1.5 billion trends, IPs, trends, competitive intelligence, and a patent and research matrix.

Respond to market conditions in real time

Adaptive, evergreen scanning allows you to constantly adapt to emerging conditions, surface early signals, momentum, market news, and trend analysis.

Create value and fuel growth

Discover organic and inorganic opportunities for growth, assessing company value, adjacencies, repurposing opportunities, and M&A.

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Democratizing AI for Data Science

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Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in the future of data science, technology, and business, and this intelligence must be accessible to those who want it.

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