Web Knowledge Mining for Market Research

Research Studio

By tapping into all available intelligence on the web, Research Studio connects the entire market research ecosystem, and empowers researchers with unparalleled insight as 'managers of disruption'.

DIY in-house research

Surface high-value opportunities buried deep within multiple, unaligned data sources, by synthesizing information drawn from billions of web pages, including scientific articles, patents, clinical trials, and news.

Understand momentum with trend analysis

Explore and analyze over 1.5 billion trends and review their development over time. Identify top IP creators within each trend, analyze white-space opportunities and generate projections.

Map causal chains and holistic systems

Using AI-assisted trade-off analyses & ideation, connect the dots between entire domains of knowledge, generating a massive number of unforeseen correlations and patterns.

Scan the competitor space

Build a holistic competitive landscape that identifies top innovators, alternatives, and producers; shows each competitor’s focus; reveals investment trends.

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Banking the unbanked

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Tens of millions of people are excluded from 150 years of financial innovation. A more granular understanding of risk allows banks to serve those who have never been served before, to the benefit of all.

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