Transformational Analytics in Utilities

Discovery in Utilities

Utility leaders are adopting AI analytics to decarbonize, decentralize, and digitize, while their proactive decision-making transforms the way they improve customer service, mitigate environmental risks, and reduce operational costs.

Empower customers to reduce energy costs

Optimize the self-service customer experience across channels and devices with detailed usage info, customized energy-saving tips, and personalized prompt alerts.

Cut grid downtime, maximize uptime

Ensure optimal value from your assets by using root-cause detection to predict leaks and outages, prioritize engineering team deployment and mitigate environmental risks.

Predict anomalies and malfunctions before they happen

Use auto-monitoring of infrastructure and equipment to minimize asset failure, and plan for new and fluctuating consumption patterns by identifying customer microsegments.

Secure your assets from breach, theft and fraud

Proactively identify, prioritize, and block potential grid threats by detecting physical and informational breaches and correlating unusual customer patterns.

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