Transformational Analytics in CPG

Discovery in CPG

For the globally-minded, locally-connected CPG leader, AI analytics provides a dynamic and flexible approach to strategic planning, with the ability to course-correct easily and fast.

Give customers the attention they expect

Anticipate individual consumer preferences and demand shifts, while personalizing promotions and communications using a data-driven 360-degree view.

Streamline product launches

Empower the sales force with geospatial intelligence: location optimization, range selection, and trend analytics using IoT, transaction, and external, real-world data.

Target your marketing spend

Pinpoint marketing efforts with a centralized view of budget-spend, with ongoing omnichannel analysis across all channels and devices.

Stay ahead of demand fluctuations

Analyze drivers of SKU-sellout data to optimize the supply chain, and augment macroeconomic variables with consumer sentiment.

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