Transformational Analytics in Energy & Mining

Discovery in Energy & Mining

Energy leaders are harnessing AI analytics for creative solutions to improve efficiency, drive down costs, maximize asset values and unlock new operating models.

More predictable, more productive

Identify high-risk assets and recommend prescriptive actions before failures occur. Use sensors and digital twins to minimize asset downtime and define optimal maintenance patterns.

Don’t compromise when meeting emission goals

Integrate diverse datasets to improve climate event impact-forecasting, ensure accurate emissions calculation, and prioritize reduction measures using continuous operational data.

Improve workplace safety with root-cause analysis

Connect relevant internal and external data sources to uncover risk contributors commonly missed by classic injury reports.

Improve fuel efficiency across the entire fleet

Join never-before-connected data sets (tyre pressure, refueling data, fuel & oil quality, road quality and gradient) to modify operator behavior and generate significant fuel savings.

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Automated Hypothesis Generation

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When machine-learning systems produce ideas, not just test them.

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