Web Knowledge Mining for Strategy

Research Studio

Complement creativity and bold choices by bringing AI into the strategy room.

Reduce bias in decisions.

Calibrate the likelihood of your strategy succeeding before you allocate resources, by analyzing the data from strategies and performance aspirations of thousands of publicly listed companies.

Unearth new growth opportunities.

Complement traditional brainstorming methods to reveal hidden pockets of growth, such as attractive industry segments and acquisition targets, ideas for new products or services, or even new applications for existing offerings.

Identify early-stage trends.

Paint a real-time picture of how your business context is unfolding through near real-time tracking of patent and academic-publication momentum, announcements, and investments across different technologies.

Anticipate complex market dynamics.

Generate proprietary insights about the combined impact of myriad forces, by assessing complex market and competitive situations where managerial intuition is insufficient to fully account for the implications of many interdependent parties’ actions.

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