How SparkBeyond is powering a global response to COVID-19

The unfolding health and economic crisis demand bold action. SparkBeyond is providing governments, communities, and health organizations a creative, holistic, and adaptive AI solution to tackle the pandemic with confidence.

Argentina to use predictive analytics to ease stay-at-home policies and rekindle economy

SparkBeyond is now deployed across four continents, assisting the public sector in predicting risk of infection on a granular level, prioritizing the deployment of vital resources and managing a safe and responsible return to normal for citizens and economies.

Like many countries around the world, the Argentine government took drastic steps last month to protect citizens from exposure to COVID-19. Now, the country is considering turning to AI and predictive analysis to help make decisions about when, where and how to lift restrictions.

SparkBeyond’s technology will assist Argentina in looking at how the country can allow citizens to return to work and minimize economic impact. The platform will use data from the Argentinian ministry of health, which aggregates travel, demographic and employment data for each citizen, then integrates hundreds of external data sources to create a wider picture of the situation.

We also use “blindfolded analytics”, which allows the platform to analyze and create models out of sensitive data without allowing people to access private information about individuals.

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Singapore’s social distancing policies pre-empted by AI-powered insights

The actionable insights outlined which schools and community clubs to close; if banning religious gatherings is necessary; and determine when to ramp up sanitizing efforts in MRT stations. As the insights adapt to changing dynamics, this further increases the efficiency in resource deployment.

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Identifying infection hotspots in Italy

SparkBeyond has harnessed millions of open data points to create a dynamic, high accuracy heatmap of Italy that predicts where a COVID-19 carrier is likely to pass. Designed to help manage and prevent the spread of the virus, the map offers a granular building-level resolution and is primarily based on epidemiological reports on the movements of virus carriers.

The platform identified that a large Italian hotspot of infection was the A1 highway (pictured above), which runs through the heart of Italy from Milan to Naples. Restricted access corresponded to containing the number of COVID-19 cases in southern Italy.

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Granular heatmap of Tel Aviv predicts COVID-19 risks

Combining data on known COVID-19 carriers with global footfall data, socio-demographic data, and millions of points-of-interest, the SparkBeyond AI platform generated a dynamic heatmap of Tel Aviv that can predict hotspots of risk on a granular building-resolution level. The more data on carriers and movement that can be fed into the system, the more we can rely on its results to predict risk and act accordingly.

This heatmap above predicts – with 90% AUC – where infected individuals are likely to travel, and which areas are likely to have become “hotspots” of coronavirus infection. Movement patterns identified by the platform are informed by data from footfall, transport hubs, weather data, socio-demographic information, and millions of points-of-interest, from bars to corporate buildings. The solution dynamically updates as new cases appear and adapts to new regions through partnerships with local health authorities.

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Wall Street Journal: AI Company Identifies Coronavirus Hotspots in Italy

‍Immediate, actionable AI insights to flatten the COVID-19 curve

The global impact of the new coronavirus necessitates a strong response. This includes technological tools to predict and prevent the spread, analyze data in real time, and generate novel ideas on how best to navigate ‘flattening the curve’ with confidence.

How is SparkBeyond helping fight the virus spread?

The SparkBeyond heatmaps are based on real-time data from multiple external sources which automatically update on their own. Extending beyond descriptive analytics, our platform reveals novel patterns buried in data, often providing hypotheses that a human analyst might not consider. By identifying drivers of infection outbreaks, the platform prompts us to ask questions that can shape social distancing policies and deployment of resources, such as:

  • Should measures be taken at cafes or train stations, corporate buildings or parks?
  • How should these measures change according to different communities and as time passes?
  • Which hospitals and medical care facilities are likely to be visited by a higher number of COVID-19 patients?
  • As communities eventually begin to return to normalcy, which locations should be closely monitored to minimize retransmission?

The more we understand about how COVID-19 acts, whom it affects and where it spreads, the better we can lower the risks of exposure and implement effective countermeasures.

Empowering governments and healthcare providers

Utilizing SparkBeyond’s technology gives governments the tools with which they can make smart decisions for their citizens. As more businesses, schools, and retailers close, these decisions will have a large impact and far-reaching consequences across multiple fronts: public health, economic stability, community support strategies, and maintaining social calm, to name a few. Discovered patterns in one country can lead to life-saving decisions in others.

What if a city didn’t have to close all educational institutions, but only those in high impacted areas? What if specific locations of coffee shops, postal services, and retail stores could be flagged as low risk, allowing them to open – with close monitoring – and return to some semblance of a routine? What if certain hospitals and clinics could route non-COVID-19 patients to other medical care facilities for treatment, freeing up their resources for more urgent care needs?

We’re all in this together. The power of AI-powered problem solving extends far beyond one organization’s ability to weather this storm. It can serve as a critical driver in reaching a solution to this global pandemic.

As part of SparkBeyond’s overarching mission to harness collective intelligence to solve the world’s toughest challenges, we’re committed to fighting the coronavirus pandemic with smart strategies, innovative technologies, and creative solutions. Together, we can help contain COVID-19.
Data is among the most powerful tools in the battle to contain the spread of COVID-19. The Wall Street Journal showcases how SparkBeyond’s AI-powered problem solving is helping policymakers make faster and smarter decisions in response to this pandemic, while respecting privacy in gathering data.

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Apply key dataset transformations through no/low-code workflows to clean, prep, and scope your datasets as needed for analysis

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Apply key dataset transformations through no/low-code workflows to clean, prep, and scope your datasets as needed for analysis

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