Transformational Analytics for Capital Markets

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Accurate early signal forecasting ensures accurate risk assessment, and opens up difficult-to-score market segments – driving valuable new revenue streams that maximize ROI and boost portfolio performance.

Scale credit forecasting for faster buy/sell decisions

Use public and proprietary data to identify factors influencing bond credit downgrades in the medium to long term, predict transitions at scale, and utilize model outputs versus benchmark index for high yield securities.

Limit risk exposure with real time scoring

Accelerate entrance into new markets by applying accurate risk assessment to traditionally difficult-to-score market segments and streamlining decision-making for more traditional customer segments.

Stay on top of market trends

Apply trend analytics to uncover millions of hypotheses, and exploit the ability to fail fast when examining cross-asset class effects on the target. Augment quant research teams to discover novel features for trading strategies and rebuild existing models.

Strengthen your defence against fraud

Predict and detect fraud, money-laundering and market abuse by analyzing multiple datasets for anomalies and subtle signals. Identify cohorts of exposed individuals to ensure mitigation of risk to the bank and individuals.

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Banking the unbanked

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Tens of millions of people are excluded from 150 years of financial innovation. A more granular understanding of risk allows banks to serve those who have never been served before, to the benefit of all.

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