Transformational Analytics in Commercial Real Estate

Discovery in Commercial Real Estate

Global commercial real estate companies are undergoing an analytics transformation to drive better decisions on tenant experience, green building technology, and acquisition opportunities.

Let data drive pricing decisions

Set optimal pricing for land, building, and rental assets with aggregated datasets, and anticipate fluctuations with continuously updating pricing models.

Keep your tenants happy

Reduce vacancy periods by proactively identifying causes of churn, and assess amenity use and in-person connection a tenant has with the space.

See beyond the obvious acquisition targets

Identify valuable acquisition targets and assets with high-profit potential by analyzing multiple data sources, including occupancy rates, construction delays, seasonal availability, and price shifts.

Sustainable predictive maintenance

Address the push to net-zero by incorporating smart energy insights into construction plans. Predict seasonal changes in energy use and identify common maintenance issues for pre-emptive action.

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