Transformational Analytics in Media

SparkBeyond Discovery

Global broadcasters and media firms are using AI analytics to achieve true “media-tech” status, and be better positioned to grow and capture value in the future.

Know what consumers want before they do

Use prescriptive analytics to generate individual content recommendations, delivered on each consumer’s preferred channel.

Predict – and prevent – customer churn

Root-cause analysis helps accurately identify customers at the highest risk of lapse, enabling effective, personalized retention campaigns.

Offer omnichannel ad campaigns that convert

Granular microsegments and activity hotspots help design hyper-targeted promotions that reflect consumers’ multi-platform consumption, while offered as ‘insights-as-a-service’ to advertisers.

Grow your audience with optimized scheduling

Accurately forecast ratings and recommend programming decisions using multiple external data sources, and gain maximum revenue from precision ad slot pricing and sales.

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