Transformational Analytics for Operations

SparkBeyond Discovery

Build and scale intelligent operating models to drive sustainable growth with speed, certainty and security.

Unlock bottom-up decision-making.

No-code/low-code environment and built-in explainability empower teams to introduce rich, adaptive insights and ML models to business processes company-wide.

Identify root causes in operational fluctuations.

Finding the hidden drivers of operational ebbs and flows allows you to avoid problems instead of constantly reacting to them.

Prioritize with increased productivity.

In discovering novel and subtle patterns, including complex multi-dimensional combinations, AI accurately identifies the most impactful variables on your KPIs.

React in real-time.

Discovery’s production-ready models adapt automatically to changes in the environment, giving you continuous, accurate, and actionable insights and recommendations.

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3 ways AI will revolutionize brick-and-mortar retail

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The retail landscape has completely shifted since its installment in the early 20th century. Today, the industry offers customers a limitless variety of choices while it continues to change.

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