Data & AI: the new efficiency of scale for global CPGs

Instead of leveraging physical scale to capture margins and share, leaders within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry are now using AI analytics, and its store-specific insights to be super agile, close to their customers, and faster than their competitors.

For the globally-minded, locally connected CPG organization, AI analytics provides a dynamic and flexible approach to strategic planning, with the ability to course-correct easily and fast.

Yet it’s still difficult for global CPGs to bridge the gap between their analytic aspirations and their ability, as many are stuck in “pilot purgatory,” eking out small wins but failing to make an enterprise-wide difference.

SparkBeyond has partnered with a number of leading organizations to take the pulse on how top global CPGs are navigating this inflection point and translating data into insights, intelligence and impact. The imperative for CPGs to capitalize on Data & AI has never been higher, and post pandemic, the gap between leaders and laggards are widening.

This whitepaper reveals the tangible early-entrant advantages of using AI analytics including:

  • Anticipating individual consumer preferences and demand shifts, while personalizing promotions and communications
  • Empowering the salesforce with geospatial intelligence: location optimization, range selection, and trend analytics
  • Pinpointing marketing efforts with a centralized view of budget-spend, based on ongoing omnichannel analysis across all channels and devices
  • Staying ahead of demand fluctuations, by analyzing drivers of SKU-sellout data and augmenting macroeconomic variables with consumer sentiment

Download the whitepaper to learn best practices, strategies, and tangible ideas you can implement today. Included are examples from innovative CPG companies that scale analytics with success, so you can start equipping your team with data science complexity.

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