Introducing the all new SparkBeyond Discovery

Finding the ‘a-ha’ moment, that breakthrough insight, is the foundation of SparkBeyond — whether it’s buried deep in complex data or woven together from the web's patchwork of knowledge.

Our problem-solving technologies are powering some of the world’s best problem solvers, helping them generate novel and creative ideas, ideas that bypass our own biases, our moods, and our inherent human limitations.

What's new?

To produce a truly original and actionable idea, a problem-solver needs to not only understand what has happened, but why it happened in the first place. Accordingly, I’m delighted to introduce the all new SparkBeyond Discovery: a no-code AI Analytics platform that empowers data professionals everywhere with the most powerful data analysis tools. Tools that were once only used by leading enterprises. 

It’s now easier, faster and more precise than ever for data professionals, regardless of their experience with analytics, to access, explore, and learn so much more from their data. By listening to our clients and learning from their behavior: how different roles use analytics in their day-to-day work, how they explore data to answer ad-hoc questions, and how they make decisions, we’ve rebuilt SparkBeyond Discovery from the ground up. 

We soon understood that if actionable insights are directly accessible to the people who need them, they will be encouraged to keep asking questions and get a deeper understanding of their organization’s business landscape. In this light, we’ve rearchitected SparkBeyond Discovery to further drive the cycle of learning, iteration, and improvement, which is critical to keep pace in a world where speed is often the defining characteristic of market leaders.

We know how important it is for a company to be united around their one core metric. That’s why we’ve tried to make it incredibly easy for every data professional — not just data scientists  — to query data and discover insights, without having to use python, R or advanced SQL. 

Let’s explore how SparkBeyond Discovery — previously only available to enterprise elites — is ideal in equipping cross-functional teams with data science capabilities

Exponential analytic power, with a click

SparkBeyond Discovery is renowned for testing millions of hypotheses in minutes, as well as its groundbreaking methodology that provides the unique foundation for accurate, actionable insights and robust predictive models. Now, with a simplified user interface and embedded methodology across all steps of the analyst workflow, the re-architectured platform equips all data professionals with powerful data science expertise within an intuitive no-code environment.

For example, if analysts don’t know which targets to focus on, or want to look across multiple permutations across multiple time periods, the platform’s drag-and-drop UI allows data professionals to build their own search space across text, geo-spatial and time-series data. By exhaustively searching the data for patterns, leaving no stone unturned, a data professional can be confident in the resulting features generated by the platform. 

Yet there’s no tradeoff between such user-friendly simplicity and the powerful engines of the original SparkBeyond Discovery. The platform is built atop the world’s largest collection of algorithms, integrating millions of code and functions to generate superior, enriched composite features, while allowing the user to examine a range of metrics on each feature. From today, a data professional can explore all possible ‘a-ha’ moments across all types of complex data sources, and zero in on the best candidates at the click of a button. 

What used to take a data science team weeks, can now take an analyst hours, allowing them to focus on more advanced data analysis and creativity beyond the ability of machines.

Understanding the why

As traditional analytics dashboards are static aggregations of the underlying data, they offer a very narrow analysis along a specific dimension. Many ‘insights’ reveal what’s happening, yet this approach loses so much context as each point is a one-dimensional representation of everything that underlies it. 

We like to say here at SparkBeyond that your data only tells part of the story. Most analyst reports don’t take into account the influence of external factors, that can range from weather and local events, to macro-economic factors and market conditions. Instead, the new SparkBeyond Discovery has built-in external data sets like Points-of-Interest maps or demographic data, that provide context, help improve feature interpretability and reinforce model performance with a comprehensive viewpoint.

Data teams as explorers and educators

The magic of AI analytics happens when an analyst dives further into the data. The new SparkBeyond Discovery allows the user to click on any data point and dive into those underlying instances and behaviors, surfacing granular insights in accessible, natural language. 

This kind of open data access also helps the data professionals operate on a higher level. Instead of an overloaded Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) team running code in a siloed environment, data teams can be the organization’s ‘data educators’, helping others get up to speed with analytics tools so that they can answer their day-to-day questions — as the proverb goes, teaching them to fish, rather than supplying a fish every time they’re hungry. As other teams become self-sufficient, data teams can spend their time tackling exploratory, complex problems, instead of fulfilling an endless stream of requests.


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The future of advanced analytics is here

In pursuit of true AI-powered problem solving, the all new SparkBeyond Discovery is a game-changer for organizations that were previously limited by what their data center of excellence could do. 

The Discovery platform enables both data scientists and existing analyst teams to find signals across multiple data sources, uncover hidden insights in complex data, and build predictive models without code or heavy lifting.

By empowering machines to surface creative insights for the first time, the role of the data scientist, the analyst, and any data professional is changed profoundly. They can now focus on asking the right questions of the data, and then act on the insights generated. This enables faster and better business decision-making underpinned by better insights, and better-performing predictive models.

With the Discovery platform’s AI-powered problem solving and root-cause analysis, more and more organizations can catalyze action and amplify impact. Essentially – shaping the future, rather than just predicting it.


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Business Insights

Apply key dataset transformations through no/low-code workflows to clean, prep, and scope your datasets as needed for analysis

Predictive Models

Apply key dataset transformations through no/low-code workflows to clean, prep, and scope your datasets as needed for analysis


Apply key dataset transformations through no/low-code workflows to clean, prep, and scope your datasets as needed for analysis

Features For
External Models

Apply key dataset transformations through no/low-code workflows to clean, prep, and scope your datasets as needed for analysis

Business Automation

Apply key dataset transformations through no/low-code workflows to clean, prep, and scope your datasets as needed for analysis


Apply key dataset transformations through no/low-code workflows to clean, prep, and scope your datasets as needed for analysis

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