The SparkBeyond technology is powered by 3 fundamentally unique assets:

A Thinking Machine

A Thinking Machine

Imagine a software that can consider billions of possible hypotheses at scale. One of those hypotheses can be your next breakthrough. Instead of manually testing a hypothetical outcome against a dataset, SparkBeyond scans massive amounts of data and sifts it through a range of clarifiers – equations, definitions sentiments, locations – to build the best predictive model with a measurable business goal in mind. As the data changes the model adapts using adaptive machine learning algorithms.

Harnessing the Human Hive

Harnessing the Human Hive

SparkBeyond turns the flood of publicly available data to an advantage. We take your information and combine it with thousands of external sources about the earth, the economy, the weather, demographics and statistical figures to reveal hidden patterns and deeper insights. Then we bombard it with ideas and hypotheses that refine the knowledge to yield even more accurate predictions.

From Data to Action

From Data to Actions

Our learning machine doesn’t just recognize one type of input, it comprehends relationships between all inputs. With an insatiable thirst for data, the AI-powered research engine distills potent insights from an ocean of information so that you can make the best–informed decisions possible. We examine data from every angle. We bombard it with hypotheses. We tweak it on every dimension. We squeeze out the most relevant insights. Often ones you didn’t know existed.

SparkBeyond Discovery Platform

Discovery Discovery

Customer Spotlight

SparkBeyond helped us drive improved understanding of expected well productivity, improving the accuracy of predictions by 41%, as compared to previous methods of prediction. This led to improved planning decisions and higher short- and long-term understanding of full field production potential, which allows us to optimize capital expenditures.

Director, Data Management,
Energy & Petroleum