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Up-sell / Cross-Sell

In order to increase the shopping cart of existing customers, AI-powered technology now enables better up-sell/cross-sell opportunities. Actionable insights shape every customer conversation with the right message, offer, and level of service that resonates best. The results are increased engagement, improved closing rates, and a smoother buyer’s journey.

Know your customers better

SparkBeyond identifies patterns across the omnichannel consumer experience that capitalize on up-sell/cross-sell opportunities and generate higher ROI by offering personalized products with every step of the customer journey.

  • It’s up to 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to increase the wallet share of an existing one.
  • Consumers are often overwhelmed with marketing messages across all touchpoints, with many that don’t meet their specific needs.
  • Lack of personalization in crafting up-sell/cross-sell campaigns can lead to low marketing conversion rates, poor customer satisfaction, and customer churn.
  • Up-sells and cross-sells are easy wins for growing your bottom line and accelerating your path to profit.
  • AI-driven personalized campaigns increase product buy-in from existing customers.
  • AI technology helps create granular customer segments, which in turn determines the best product or offer that would lead to higher conversion.
Why SparkBeyond
  • Not only can SparkBeyond accurately predict which is the most effective product or service on offer, but its root-cause analysis technology discovers the reasons why.
  • Our external data network complements incomplete data profiles, exponentially increasing the accuracy of recommended up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.
  • Our transparent AI allows all departments to benefit from interpretable insights for retention and marketing campaigns, customer service inquiries, and identification of negative customer experience trends.

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