Location optimization

Geospatial analytics offers data-driven guidance for network strategy: having the right formats in the right locations, with the right offerings, is essential. For every client for whom foot traffic is relevant – be it stores, agencies, clinics, service centers, banks – AI pinpoints the best locations to yield the most optimal customer experience and business results.

Global solutions that are locally relevant

Powered by a combination of socio-demographic, real estate and open street map data, SparkBeyond identifies the top location-based drivers that move the needle.

  • If location matters within your organization, answering where things are can help you better optimize business opportunities.
  • It’s difficult to accurately represent and plan data-driven consumer journeys in the physical world.
  • In order to shape strategic location-based initiatives, accurate analysis is essential.
  • The cost of branch expansion is expensive: nuanced, AI-powered store-specific insights are essential for end-to-end consumer visibility.
  • By connecting complex external data sources, AI helps pinpoint specific geographical areas with high potential for profitability and campaign effectiveness.
  • AI-powered problem-solving technology discovers millions of unintuitive drivers of profitability, derived from hundreds of location-based data sets and thousands of fields.
  • AI-powered location intelligence helps field teams optimize sales activities accordingly, drives more personalized and relevant marketing programs and shapes in-store product selection.
Why SparkBeyond
  • Your data is often not enough. SparkBeyond connects the dots between your data and our external data network to reveal the bigger picture.
  • Not only can the platform accurately predict the best location for profitability, but its root-cause analysis technology reveals the reasons why.
  • Our transparent AI allows all departments to benefit from interpretable insights for retention campaigns, customer service inquiries, and identification of negative customer experience trends.

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