Financial Services

In striving to own customer relationships, financial institutions are harnessing AI to position themselves as custodians of trust. SparkBeyond’s technology helps incumbents integrate AI with their risk management expertise, immense amounts of customer data and sheer scale in order to prevent unbundling, while increasing customer lifetime value.

Own the future of finance with AI

SparkBeyond powers financial services companies with creative solutions that completely redefine how they work, how they create innovative products and services, and how they transform customer experiences.

Credit Risk Scoring
  • Accurate risk assessment for traditionally difficult-to-score market segments
  • Live processing of loan applications
  • Leverage AI to calculate Capital Provisions
Client Acquisition
  • Increase customer wallet share
  • Classify clients into micro-segments to enable effective campaigns
  • Understand drivers of churn and customer acquisition
  • Use AI-driven next best offers to up-sell and cross-sell
  • Analyze anomalies and subtle signals in large amounts of data to identify criminal activity
  • Identify cohorts of individuals at risk of fraud
  • Establish fraud rules while operationalizing a system to discover ongoing rules

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Credit risk scoring

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Up-sell / Cross-sell

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Customer churn

Unleash AI for business impact

AI is not just a nice-to-have, but a must-have. Our clients are disrupting their markets and transforming into advanced digital enterprises. We can help you do the same.