Credit risk scoring

In the evolving economic environment, AI ensures highly accurate risk assessment and credit scoring that minimizes risk and exposure, while ensuring sustainable growth of both revenues and bottom line. With credit risk management in the regulatory spotlight, AI optimizes risk scoring that’s both transparent and compliant.

Personalized credit decisions with AI

SparkBeyond partners with leading financial institutions to increase decision accuracy, automate thin-file risk scoring, and enable live processing of loan applications for improved customer experience and increased market share.

  • Most AI-based credit risk models are black box, lacking explainable decision-making methods.
  • Without a group-wide risk modeling framework, financial institutions can’t generate complex, meaningful risk measures.
  • An inability to access the right data when needed causes problematic delays.
  • Financial institutions need a robust risk solution in order to identify portfolio concentrations and re-grade portfolios.
  • Transparent AI provides financial institutions with interpretable decisions in risk management.
  • AI offers a more granular and individualized approach to risk assessment, thereby increasing accuracy and allowing automated thin-file scoring.
  • Third-party data integration allows for more actionable insights and more accurate credit risk models.
Why SparkBeyond
  • Not only can SparkBeyond accurately predict which customers are most likely to default, but its root-cause analysis technology also discovers the reasons why.
  • Our external data network enriches first-party data, thereby exponentially increasing the accuracy of risk models.
  • SparkBeyond’s transparent AI allows all departments to benefit from interpretable insights and explainable models, whether for individual or corporate loans.

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