Consumer packaged goods

Empowered with nuanced, AI-powered store-specific insights, consumer-goods manufacturers can gain end-to-end visibility of the consumer and anticipate demand amidst increasing channel complexity. In the battle to maintain relevancy, CPG winners use these insights to be super agile, close to their customers, and faster than their competitors.

Unleash AI on the consumer goods value chain

For the globally minded, locally connected CPG leader, SparkBeyond’s AI-powered problem-solving provides a dynamic and flexible approach to strategic planning with the ability to course-correct easily.

Transform with store-specific insights
  • Customer behavior & segmentation
  • Cross-selling: Next product to buy
  • Demand forecasting
  • Sales & Marketing efficiency
Empower salesforce with geospatial intelligence
  • Micro-space optimization
  • Range selection/optimization
  • Sourcing trend analytics
  • Location optimization
Drive end-to-end efficiencies
  • Warehouse logistics optimization
  • Replenishment optimization
  • Stocking & inventory planning
  • Vendor health & performance

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Use case

Location optimization

Use case

Sales & Operations optimization

Unleash AI for business impact

AI is not just a nice-to-have, but a must-have. Our clients are disrupting their markets and transforming into advanced digital enterprises. We can help you do the same.