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Senior Backend Engineer- Israel

Israel · Senior

About The Position

Our Team’s Mission:

We are a small team shooting for the stars - building an AI powered research engine.

The complex product we craft in our team is the foundation of the AI powered engine. We optimize and solve problems of scale, ultimately enabling our customers to make revolutionary breakthroughs and discoveries.

What will you do?

Become part of the Data Science world on a deeper level than you have ever experienced before:

●    Focus on backend and infrastructure development in Scala.

●    Build runtime environment for cutting-edge data science algorithms.

●    Handle vast data volumes, stored in memory, various databases, and file systems.

●    Design APIs and interface with solution components: web front-end, Python, R.

●    Optimize memory and CPU usage, investigate and solve efficiency challenges.

●    Improve data analysis and machine learning processes within the platform.

●    Show leadership and ownership of end to end product features.

●    Have fun and be proud of your code.

Our stack:

1.    Scala + Java 8

2.    Python + R

3.    Mac/Linux

4.    Jenkins

What will you need?

We’re looking for exceptional candidates who are passionate, knowledgeable and opinionated about software. We are counting on your significant contribution, and promise in return you will have many people to keep learning from. You will need to be resourceful, self-managed and self-learned to be able to tackle challenges leading to new product features


You’ll also need:

● 5+ years’ experience building complex solutions using Scala or Java

● Strong computer science background

● Profound understanding of efficient code architecture and memory optimization

● Experience with handling extremely large datasets

● Ability to lead technology initiatives


●    Experience with handling huge datasets

●    Experience in algorithms or data science

●    Experience in Python

●    Willing to learn and engage with new technologies

Come witness the glorious dawn of data science with us!

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