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Japanese Speaking Data Scientist

Singapore · Full-time · Intermediate to Senior

About The Position

SparkBeyond has built an AI-powered research engine, capable of finding complex patterns in data by understanding their meaning. Operating at the intersection of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence fields, our Machine Learning technology is so ground-breaking that it’s been referred to as science fiction on multiple occasions. SparkBeyond Discovery Platform is being used by Fortune 500 companies across industries.

What will you do?

●     Help our clients translate their business problems into data science. Why do mobile subscribers churn? What makes employees happy to stay with their employers? What drives food safety risk in restaurants?

●     Deliver business value by translating complex data into meaningful insights, expressed in plain simple English and or Japanese.

●     Be the face of the company and the product directly interfacing with our partners around the region.

●     Use your analytical skills and deep product understanding to consult our partners and provide them with advice and input of the highest quality.

●     Partner with our customers’ Data Science teams, helping them optimize their use of SparkBeyond’s Discovery Platform - training, teaching and mentoring.

●     Work directly with our in-house team comprised of the brightest minds in technology, research and mathematics as well as senior interfaces from leading companies across the globe (fortune 500 companies and many others). Help driving the development of our platform - your ideas are the features of tomorrow.


What will you need?

●     Significant relevant work experience - you need to have extensive professional work experience on data science and analytics issues

●     A very strong academic background - PhDs are very welcome, as are quantitative degrees - Math, Physics, Computer Science and the like.

●     Proven experience in handling large scale end to end data science projects and presenting the findings and insights in both English and Japanese. Building models is great - creating impact is greater

●     Proven experience in translating business challenges into data pipelines & model framework

●     Experience with Machine Learning technique. Supervised, unsupervised, traditional or deep learning - either is great, but you need to know your stuff, both in theory and in practice (e.g., MICE, scikit-learn, keras or weka)

●     Programming skills that allow you to be self-sufficient in handling data. Python and R are our daily companions, and a solid grasp of SQL is always needed. Big bonus points if you know Scala

●     Also welcome: Experience with large datasets and distributed computing (Hive/Hadoop, Spark)

●     Willingness to travel. We understand the need for a work-life balance and family time, but the ability to be on location at our clients is regularly required.

Why SparkBeyond?

●     Sense of Purpose: We’re building something bigger than ourselves. Our team is building a machine that can help solve the world’s most critical problems. We do this through our Partner engagements and the pro-bono work we are passionate about. 

●     Exposure: Our Data Scientists gain experience across industries and are given the opportunity to choose what they work on and where they leave their mark.

●     The People: We are proud of the brilliant, passionate and engaged team at SparkBeyond, including our very own Gödel and Wolf Prize winner. Our people are our greatest asset and we believe in empowerment, ownership and constant growth.

●     The Platform: Our Data Scientists are passionate about our cutting-edge platform and can’t imagine returning to traditional data science. 

●     Credibility: We have established ourselves as an industry leader, partnering and making impact for our Fortune 500 clients. See what the market is saying about us:

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