We’re rebranding — here’s why

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SparkBeyond’s new look has arrived.

We’re excited to share these brand updates and why we made them.

Our new visual language is inspired by our mission to solve the world’s most complex challenges and generate impact on a planetary scale.

As we continue to expand our global footprint and enrich the SparkBeyond experience, we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re headed.

Why the rebrand?

We’ve come a long way in our first five years, when a moonshot experiment led to our quest to build a machine that could come up with novel and creative ideas.

To celebrate our fifth birthday, we wanted a new look that suits our exciting journey from an ambitious startup that connects the dots with cutting-edge AI, to a growth stage company that innovates at everything we do.

SparkBeyond’s transformation from being an idea with great potential to a global company has presented a terrific opportunity to take stock of our achievements and map our aspirations.

It was time to revisit our narrative — one that reflected our maturity, our considerable growth, and our commitment to driving impact with innovation and ambition.

Our new logo

We believe that our new logo encompasses the magnitude of our technological depth, and the impact we’ve generated for the world’s leading companies. It should reflect the scope of our commercial achievements — including our recent global partnerships — and our ambitions for social impact on a planetary scale.

Our dynamic logo captures SparkBeyond’s constant evolution and entrepreneurial mindset: the need to keep pushing ourselves to always challenge assumptions and not accept the status quo. The animation also reflects the dynamic nature of our technology in generating continuous discoveries.

The spark is, well, part-and-parcel of our namesake: a catalyst for action, an idea that spreads light and drives impact. Not only is our animated spark the core of our logo: it’s the core of our brand.

Our story

As we’ve launched our new logo, we’ve also started to refresh our look in general.

The planetary impact theme reflects our pioneering ambitions, our global partnerships and our pursuit of authentic AI-powered problem solving. As SparkBeyond empowers leading organizations with AI-fueled discoveries, we are one step closer to help solving the world’s most complex challenges.

Staying true to ourselves

We‘re confident that our rebranding helps exemplify our maturation as a company yet still stay true to SparkBeyond’s culture and DNA. We kept our name and elements of our original lettering as a tribute to our past: we’re still a team of creative and purpose-driven innovators passionate about making an impact — for our clients and for the planet.

Keep a lookout for our evolved brand on our socials and our upcoming website. Here’s to the next exciting 5 years, and beyond!


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