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It should be easy for everyone to discover powerful insights from their data. Our recently released Insight Studio is a virtual workspace, allowing you to explore your feature space, dig deeper for more actionable insights with higher signal, and create meaningful visualizations—all in one experience.

As part of our platform offering, SparkBeyond’s Insight Studio provides your entire team with an intuitive and transparent workspace—so business analysts, data scientists, and other decision-makers can work together to identify and validate the best insights to solve your business problems.

Together with recent improvements and in-app training, you can go from data to insights to action faster and better than ever.

Explore and visualize your feature space 

The Insight Studio’s visual interface puts the focus on what matters most, so your team can analyze strong, relevant insights right away. This holistic perspective uses embedded methodology and clear visual navigation, allowing you to understand the relationships between your features, and how to prioritize them in making informed and enhanced decisions.


Drill down on a particular feature

By exploring the temporal dynamics of each feature, you can understand how feature strength changes over time, and deep dive into the influential factors of the feature. Another capability of the Insight Studio is tuning the feature cut-off value, allowing you to get a deeper understanding of the underlying real-world phenomenon the feature is expressing. These capabilities facilitate quicker and clearer identification of actionable insights, and help sort relevance and significance.

Manipulate features to create microsegments

This virtual sandbox makes microsegment creation** a cinch.  

**A microsegment is a group of [observations / data points] for which a set of features are all true. i.e. the observation in the microsegment all share these traits. For example, a microsegment merges the following features: all customers that are aged <30 [feature #1] and with an income of <$100K [feature # 2]. 

The goal of creating microsegments is to identify specific groups of observations (e.g. customers, transactions, stores, locations, etc.) that have especially high correlation with the target KPI (e.g. profitability, risk of churn, propensity to convert, etc.), which can be targeted with specific interventions and/or that provide valuable business insight to guide decisions.

With Insight Studio’s visual navigation and intuitive UI, combining features to make powerful microsegments is now fast, focused, and easier than ever.

“A microsegment is like that quality ingredient you’re about to put into a Michelin dish. The skill of a chef is crucial, but no chef can make magic without good ingredients.” inspired by Cassie Kozyrkov, Google

Manage your microsegments

Insight Studio is a fast, visual way to transform your microsegments into measurable actions. This virtual sandbox encourages multi-disciplinary teamwork, where business analysts, data scientists, and other decision-makers can pinpoint business actions based on the insights shown. With Plain English explanations, microsegment management is ‘glassbox’ transparent AI hard at work for your entire team.

Upgrade to get Insights Studio

Want to see how SparkBeyond can help your organization generate real-world, measurable impact with powerful, interpretable insights? Speak to one of our Impact Strategists in a region close to you. If you’re already using SparkBeyond’s platform to power your organization into market leadership, chat to your Impact Manager about upgrading your software.


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