Identifying infection hotspots in Italy

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Italy has experienced a devastation of enormous impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, with a loss of over 13,000 lives. SparkBeyond has harnessed millions of open data points to create a dynamic, high accuracy heatmap of Italy that predicts where a COVID-19 carrier is likely to pass.

Designed to help manage and prevent the spread of the virus, the map offers a granular building-level resolution and is primarily based on epidemiological reports on the movements of virus carriers.

By augmenting local data with hundreds of external sources, we identified certain areas in Milan which correlated with higher rates of infection. This included drinking fountains in parks, gas stations, and areas nearby, as well as railway stations, museums, and tourist attractions.

Another large Italian hotspot of infection was the A1 highway (pictured below), which runs through the heart of Italy from Milan to Naples. Restricted access corresponded to the containment of the number of COVID-19 cases in southern Italy.


Together with local leaders, we’re working tirelessly to leverage predictive models that automatically adapt as new cases of COVID-19 appear, with the goal of building a tactical and strategic response to the virus.

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