Granular heatmap of Tel Aviv predicts COVID-19 risks

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In the new era of COVID-19, it’s absolutely critical for government officials, healthcare professionals, members of law enforcement, and business leaders to make decisions based on real-time data.

To do this effectively, they require technology that adapts as the coronavirus spreads. SparkBeyond has answered this call. Our platform predicts risk at a granular building-level resolution, having trained the solution on individuals’ movements in the days prior to diagnosis. These movement patterns are informed by data from footfall, transport hubs, OpenStreetMap, socio-demographic information, and millions of points-of-interest, from bars to corporate buildings. The solution dynamically updates as new cases appear and adapts to new regions through partnerships with local health authorities.

Using the city of Tel Aviv as a sample, we’ve taken localized data and used it to generate a dynamic heatmap. 

Heatmap of Tel Aviv (as of March 14, 2020) highlighting places at risk for COVID-19 infection, using data of known carriers

This heatmap shows where infected COVID-19 patients have been and predicts where low and high-risk areas may develop. It adapts as the situation rapidly changes, helping city officials deploy the right resources at the right time, inform social distancing measures, prepare hospitals and medical facilities, and equip law enforcement with the tools to enforce new restriction measures.

We’re empowering city officials to become the leading decision-makers that their city needs.

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