Rising to the Challenge: SparkBeyond Joins COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

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Helen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

It is in this spirit that SparkBeyond, together with our healthcare partner Prism Health AI, is proud to announce that we have joined the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition. Led by the private sector and working with technology leaders including Google and Microsoft, as well as healthcare giants LabCorp and HCA Healthcare, the coalition aims to pool our resources in the battle against COVID-19.

Collaborating with other leading companies and non-profits in technology, healthcare, and academia will help us build effective countermeasures quickly and effectively for the benefit of all humanity.

Why it matters

Coalition members are combining their wealth of research, technological tools, and a wide range of expertise to take decisive action in fighting COVID-19 and its impact. Together, we’re committed to leveraging our data and innovative technology to help flatten the curve of the epidemic, bolster healthcare delivery and save lives. Specifically, SparkBeyond is currently working on scaling rapid testing nationwide: putting more tests into the hands of medical professionals and using test results to help nonprofits and government organizations make smart decisions to combat the virus.  

For the first time, coalition members’ shared information has been organized into a robust online resource, which is now available to the general public. Filters and detailed labels allow researchers to quickly drill down and locate an ever-increasing number of publications to help them learn and discover new possibilities of combating the new coronavirus.

“The application of cutting-edge data science will strengthen and accelerate efforts to expand and target testing and novel treatments, as well as highlight the safest path to reopening economies and societies,” said Tim Lyden, CEO of Prism Health AI. “Speed and precision are key. This is the promise of advanced analytics.”

These challenging times are unlike any other in recent history and require a combined effort to solve its numerous complex challenges. SparkBeyond is rising to this challenge by sharing our AI-powered technology with others in the fight against COVID-19. We invite others in the data science community who share our vision to join this unique opportunity to save lives.

To learn more, visit the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition website, see how SparkBeyond is helping governments worldwide, or contact us at covid-19@sparkbeyond.com.

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