Product roadmap: The future of Polaris

Over the last few years we, at Ubimo, have developed two products: Polaris, our flagship location intelligence platform; and Polaris Realtime, our mobile-first, location-driven programmatic advertising platform.

We originally built them for two different kinds of organizations with different objectives in mind. However, as the power of location intelligence made itself more evident, it has become clear to us that the time has come to combine these two powerful platforms into one.

Today marks the beginning of the Ubimo product unification. This process will result in seamless workflows, from planning, through activation to analysis, and everything in between.

Why is this exciting?

With the entire workflow connected, from planning through activation and analysis, more robust reporting will be available for a comprehensive understanding of the customer journeys, and even more actionable insights to go with it.

Moreover, functionalities of both Polaris and Polaris Realtime will now be combined and available to users of both on one shiny new platform.

The first step will be to make information available in one platform automatically available in the other, removing the need for manual imports and exports. For example, if you create a specific audience based on foot traffic and places attributes, you can now seamlessly activate a campaign for that audience. The same will apply to audiences you mixed or created lookalikes for on the Polaris platform.

Our customer-first approach

My job is to look for the path where things are as simple as possible without sacrificing functionality. For our customers, it is simply easier to have one platform rather than two. So, by unifying our products we are setting out to do what may seem impossible: lowering complexity while adding capabilities.

That’s what excites me most. We are distilling the essence of what we do in order to make it easier and more intuitive for our clients. More updates to come.

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