3 Key Takeaways from DPAA Video Everywhere Conference

We’ve been a proud sponsor of Video Everywhere over the past few years and this year’s event demonstrated a dramatic shift in thought and strategy for the future of Out-of-Home (OOH). The rise of digital and mobile transformed OOH from simply a platform for broad reach to a necessary tactic in a brand’s digital marketing stack. Here are the three key takeaways we gleaned from Video Everywhere

  • Audiences are the main focus for 2019
    OOH sellers are trying to position digital out-of-home (DOOH) as a necessary part of the digital buy, in a way that programmatic buyers understand – selling audiences. OOH companies are leveraging audiences and audience insights in a more strategic way that goes beyond location-based insights. This shift in focus from DOOH / OOH properties themselves to the audiences interacting with them will set the tone for the future of OOH in 2019.
  • Mobile Extension is Key to OOH Success
    OOH works better with mobile than any other medium, with the small and large screens amplifying and activating each other. Mobile campaign extensions enable OOH advertisers to target, retarget or actively engage with audiences once they’ve been exposed to an OOH ad. Similar to the first takeaway, mobile extension enables OOH companies to focus on audiences and go beyond location-based insights and focus more on what really matters to advertiser – their consumers.
  • OOH Is For All Stages of Marketing Funnel
    OOH used to be a straightforward top-of-funnel marketing tactic – reach as many people as possible with your ad in an unsegmented, widely viewed property. Now, OOH advertisers are more data-driven than ever before, using these big screens for more strategic marketing initiatives, like Account Based Marketing, the ability to identify areas that index higher for target audiences enabling smarter audience segmentation, rather than sheer scale. Combining mobile with OOH campaigns also enables marketers to leverage OOH for different tactics by retargeting high value targets, before, during, and after campaigns.

What’s clear from this year’s event is that OOH and mobile are the best recipe for a successful campaign. Contact us to learn more about Ubimo’s solution for OOH.

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