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What a year! 2018 will be remembered at SparkBeyond as one of rapid growth. We aggressively scaled our business, our people, our partnerships, our product, and our ambitions – all while preserving the unique virtues that make SparkBeyond special. What’s more, we enriched our offerings to open newer and even more inspiring avenues for impact.

In preparation for the year ahead, let me share some of 2018’s highlights.

Doubling Down on Every Front

In 2018, SparkBeyond more than doubled our revenue. We generated impact at numerous Fortune 500 (and Global 1,000) organizations, and doubled the number of clients. As we strengthened our global footprint, SparkBeyond opened a fifth office in Melbourne, Australia, which allowed our Problem Solving Platform to unleash cutting-edge AI across every continent. We continued expanding our network of partners, and in September, we forged a strategic partnership with Microsoft. Weeks after the MSInspire event, we’re proud to generate multiple joint flagship success stories and open many more new impact opportunities.

SparkBeyond’s achievements are a direct result of our commitment to innovate at everything that we do. We need to keep pushing ourselves to embrace the entrepreneurship mindset across the entire organization: constantly discover new ways to connect the dots, challenge assumptions, and refuse to accept the status quo.

A New Technological Frontier

Last year we expanded our Problem Solving Platform to better serve new audiences, enabling deeper and even more actionable discoveries. We literally made thousands of improvements, such as a dramatically higher throughput and depth of automated research.

We unveiled to our strategic partners and early adopters new bleeding-edge capabilities powered by SparkBeyond’s Web Knowledge Mining engine, which we believe will enable the next frontier of analytics. For the first time, the engine creates the link between quantitative data-driven analysis and qualitative data-based knowledge, and paves the way to an exciting world of causality and reasoning.

Growing While Retaining Our DNA

As we are proactively scaling SparkBeyond, one of our primary investments is our people. This past year, we doubled our SparkBeyond family while retaining our unique DNA – growing to more than 140 extraordinarily talented members worldwide. Each of our offices has moved to bigger and better spaces to support our growth.

Looking Beyond 2019

Building on our solid foundations, SparkBeyond is determined to expand across the global value chain and ecosystem to enable disruptive solutions across key industries. Onwards, we want our ambitions to keep outpacing our growth. As SparkBeyond pushes the boundaries of AI-powered ideation, we’re enhancing our team with world class talent and deepening our offerings across our five core verticals – Insurance, Banking, Pharma, Media/Telecom and Retail/CPG.

True to our mission, SparkBeyond is committed to grow our investment in social impact on a planetary scale. We invite organizations to join forces with us for this important cause.

The best is yet to come.


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