Doing good
while doing well

In addition to business impact, we partner
with our clients to spark meaningful change
on a planetary scale.


Advancing cancer research with improved
early disease and high-risk state detection

In partnership with a leading HMO, the platform discovered that a reduction in hemoglobin levels over time (even within the normal parameters) was a high contributor in identifying patients at risk for colon cancer. This has since been confirmed by other studies.

Affordable Housing

Links discovered between chicken
prices and social housing

A leading Australian bank wanted to optimize its investment in a new social housing project. The links between lower chicken prices and higher demand for social housing implicated a flexible workforce, helping the client plan the specific locations for affordable housing.

Law Enforcement

Significantly reduced inmate violence

A North American prison was suffering from repeated violent outbreaks with no solution in sight. SparkBeyond’s Problem Solving Platform was able to model and predict gang affiliations to sort cell allocation for a reduction in violent clashes.


Smart crop yield with AI

A large Asian agriculture company couldn’t explain the unpredictable differences in crop yield across various fields. By linking the field locations with geo-spatial data, SparkBeyond discovered patterns between certain fertilizer compounds and proximity to power plants.


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